eRepublik API have problems after the last update. Maxihellas can't create any stats until the admins will fix the problem. Click HERE for more details

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As all we know eRepublik V2 war module is history.

Many people are asking me if eRepublik Maxihellas will be available at the new version of the war module.

The answer is YES

The site will be modified and it will be working at the new war module too.

But unfortunately you must wait for some days, until the new war module API will be available.

When this will be done, the next 3-4 eRepublik Maxihellas will be fully modified to the new war module version.

From today a new site is available.

The link is

It was created as a historical database of all V2 battles.

So anytime you want (now, in a month or even a year) you will be able to read all v2 battles stats.

Today, the and the are sharing the same databases.

When the new war module API will be ready, all the data at the will be deleted, and only the stats of the new war module will be available.

The V2 battle stats will be remain only at

Happy stat-ing