eRepublik API have problems after the last update. Maxihellas can't create any stats until the admins will fix the problem. Click HERE for more details

  • Create new list

    From this page, you can create a new custom list. At List Name field you must add the desired name for your new list, at the List Creator field your's ingame user name and at the password fields the password that you must use to edit your list.
    At Country field you must selected the country that your list is representing, at the Type of list field the type of your list (Private Army, National Army, Friends List etc), and at the Show at extra pages field you can select if your list would be apperead at the extra pages of lists menu.
    After this you must click the "Create" button and the link to the page that you will be able to edit your new list will be appeared. At the edit list page you can add the users that you want to be shown on your new list.

postheadericon Create New List

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